Shirley’s Recycling, Darwen

Client: Shirley’s Recycling
Location: Darwen, Lancashire
Project size: 1 unit; 20,300 sq ft
Project value: £650,000
Sector: Commercial, Waste 

While mass recycling has been a mainstream practice for only a couple of decades, for one organisation, it has been the core of their business for 120 years.

Shirley’s Recycling was established in 1900 as one of the original providers of recycling services in Lancashire. Founded by Thomas Shirley, it originally recycled anything made from natural fibres – cardboard, paper, metal and even straw. Today, Shirley’s Recycling houses an industry leading recycling plant to recycle plastics and cardboard in line with national regulations.

When it came to developing a building on newly acquired land to home the recycling plant, as well as store the masses of waste material it collects from commercial and industrial clients, Shirley’s turned to Wareing Buildings with a very specific brief.

Simon Tickle, estimator for the project, said: “We’ve had an established relationship with Shirley’s Recycling for more than 35 years so when they came to us with a specification for a new storage warehouse which had to be a mirror image of their existing steel framed building, we wanted to show we could give it a bit of an edge.”

We set about delivering a design and build project which would offer Shirley’s Recycling an unfathomable amount of space; by removing all internal supports and instead providing a fully-spanned roof, Shirley’s would be able to move around the building and its enormous recycling plant much more freely, making their entire operation more efficient.

As well as providing all the necessary steel work and cladding, we also facilitated the excavation of a large pit into the groundwork of the site, into which the recycling plant would be installed. From there, we implemented foundations, floor slabs and completed all other necessary groundwork.

Tickle added: “Though this building has been designed to make life more efficient for Shirley’s Recycling, throughout the construction period it required a lot of logistical planning to ensure that our presence on site didn’t interrupt the client’s daily operations. The team at Shirley’s are so amenable; they are a delightful client to work with – it truly is ‘with’ us – which meant that what could’ve been a complex challenge was made easier for all involved.”

Steve Hall, commercial director for Shirley’s Recycling, said: “Wareing Buildings are known for one main thing – supplying the highest quality steel frame buildings. Throughout our long-standing relationship we have worked on multiple projects together and each time, their service is exemplary.”

“The special touches Wareing Buildings added to our warehouse have been unique; removing the internal roof supports makes the unit feel so much bigger and has changed the way we work. The foresight offered by Wareing Buildings gives us hope we can work together again in the future as we continue to expand our business.”