Everybody loves a bargain, but the age old saying applies in almost every walk of life – if something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

It’s especially true in the construction industry. While clients are always keen to bring their dream projects in at a low cost, if a contractor or developer is offering bells and whistles at a price which seems dramatically reduced compared to quotes from competitors, there’s a reason why. In our field, you truly do get the best value if you pay for it but often, that can mean paying above your initial prediction.

Our job is to manage that expectation amongst clients. We have complete confidence in the quotes we provide because we know that, while they may be elevated in relation to what other providers will quote, our customers will receive much, much more for their money. Our prices aren’t just based on the cost of materials and labour; they include decades of expertise and experience, the use of industry-leading technology as standard, and access to the best suppliers in the industry.

Every single person within our business has put a building up – some have built hundreds, so we know what works well and what doesn’t. We’ve developed a keen eye for where small tweaks can transform the efficiency of a building, and where the slightest mistake could lead to a customer shelling out thousands of pounds in repairs down the line. We can spot by eye (though we have technology on our side to identify anything we miss!) if a specified steel beam is too big or too small for its intended use and can update a client’s designs before the materials arrive to site, saving a huge amount of time in the installation project and making big cost savings.

We are quite simply known for doing things a bit differently. For example, while the typical make up of a grain store would see the majority of contractors use angle irons on the corner stanchions to take the concrete panels, instead, we use another ub gable stanchion; angles are more prone to failure – albeit, the chance is slim – but rather than take that 1/1,000 risk we’ll use lessons learnt on previous builds to create a structure with complete peace of mind to avoid the client having to make changes further down the line at additional expense.

Meanwhile, we also use our expertise and consultancy approach to enable customers to get the most value from their builds, as well as from us. For Henco International, we were developing three units totalling 20,000 sq ft, which had been designed to offer high-quality storage and distribution space for potential occupiers. The client wanted to use cladding to create a striking aesthetic on the building to capture the attention of passing potential trade, so we suggested using different colours and renderings to create a checkerboard effect on the outer sides of the premises. It worked; though a more expensive exterior fit-out than most steel-framed buildings, half of the properties within the three units were allocated before it was even built, with customers impressed with the visuals alone.

What we keep in mind at all times when pricing jobs, is fairness; we ensure we’re delivering the highest quality of service, for the fairest price possible. We maintain the finish and fit of our buildings is considerably different to anything else on the market, made up of materials that are futureproofed meaning clients continue generating value from our delivery for many years to come. Because when it comes to an investment as significant as a new building or full refurbishment, it’s about much more than the here and now. So next time you’re offered a variety of different prices for the same project, remember to look much deeper than the numbers in front of you.