Islay Road, Lytham

Client: Ben Jurin Architecture
Location: Lytham, Lancashire
Project size: One residential unit; 13,000 sq ft
Project value: £3million
Sector: Residential

Technology is making structural engineering a more efficient industry. Though it’s steeped in tradition, particularly archaic systems and ways of working are being replaced by innovations which make us wonder why they were never used before. These platforms inspire us to be better designers by improving communication, highlighting potential challenges that aren’t visible to the naked eye and facilitating stronger relationships with our supply chain.

Some of the most ground-breaking technology within structural engineering was recently used by Wareing Buildings in the development of a luxury property in Lytham. Appointed by the architect, Ben Jurin Architecture, to design and fabricate the steel frame for the 13,000 sq ft property, we turned to Tekla Structural Designer to tackle some unique challenges.

Jason Worledge, an engineer with Wareing Buildings, said: “When it comes to residential projects, we are usually appointed to deliver the steelwork required to carry the roof, walls and glazing. This particular development was set to include huge expanses of glazing, all of which would be motorised for automatic opening and closing controlled by the homeowner. This required a completely different design approach.”

We were tasked with implementing vast steel trusses to support larger-than-normal windows, as well as acting as the fixing point to reinforce the top of the 13m-wide sliding glass doors. However, to add to the complexity, the opening had a deflection margin of just 5mm – extremely tight parameters to be working with. Successfully achieving this required intrinsic and collaborative working between our team, Ben Jurin Architecture and the appointed glazers. Tekla enabled this perfectly.

Jason said: “The technology we used on this project allowed contractors at every level in the supply chain to instantly deliver, adapt and sign off the BIM Model which meant we could quickly get on with fabricating the components for the building. Wareing Buildings is a one-stop-shop when it comes to fabrication; we make all components in-house to exact specification so that when they arrive on site they can be constructed immediately.

“Every party, from the foundation engineers through to the interior designers have been able to utilise Tekla to create a truly unique development, which is going to offer an incredibly high standard of home to its owners.”

Ben Jurin said: “Wareing Buildings have been superb to work with throughout this project. We were able to seamlessly connect to Tekla and create collaborative workflows which have meant every supplier is kept in the loop on the building’s progress and next steps. The quality of their components for the development is exemplary, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”